Lawn Care Service Jobs


We are accepting applications for positions in lawn care, landscaping and related. Below is a link to download our employment application.

Click here to download our employment application. Print it out, fill it out completely and bring it in to our office, or fill out the application below that will be sent to us via email.

General Information

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Education & Training

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Driving Record

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(Please list professional associates who could be contacted for an employment reference.)

Work Experience

Begin with last employer first. Please cover employment for the past 5 years, including military service. (Active / Reserve)

Employer One

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Employer Three

PLEASE READ THE STATEMENT BELOW CAREFULLY. I understand that any employment with Thompson Landscape is voluntarily entered into and, if employed, I may resign at any time for any reason. Similarly, Thompson Landscape may terminate the employment at any time for any reason.

I authorize the investigation of all statements contained in this application and further authorize Thompson Landscape to contact my past employers. My present employer be contacted. I certify that all statements and information is true and acknowledge that any falsification of these facts is cause for separation from Thompson Landscape.

I understand that any offer of employment made to me by Thompson Landscape may be made contingent upon taking a medical exam and drug test.